Subsurface Utilities Engineering

Subsurface Utilities Engineering

Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) includes existing plans and documents review wth interview personnel familiar with the subject site. Utilize electromagnetic devices such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to identify utilities and assist on a two dimensional horizontal mapping.  Hydro vacuum or Air knife (pneumatic) excavating methods are utilized to determine exact depth, size and type of utility.  


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  • • Quality Level D that is information derived from existing records, plans, and documents or obtained by interviewing personnel familiar with the subject site.

  • • Quality Level C is information obtained by combining surveying visible utility features with information readily available from Quality Level D.

  • • Quality Level B is information obtained through Electromagnetic Devices (EM) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). They are appropriate methods to determine the existence and approximate horizontal position of utilities.

  • • Quality Level A is horizontal and vertical precise information obtained by the actual exposure and subsequent measurement of subsurface utilities. DHDC Engineering utilizes the Hydro Vacuum or Air Knife (pneumatic) excavating methods to determine exact depth size, and type of utility. They are both non-destructive tests. The Hydro vacuum method is preferable used in grassy areas and the Air Knife method under structures such as sidewalks and pavements where the structural integrity of the site is not jeopardized.

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DHDC Engineering Consulting Services is qualified to provide Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) Level A, B, C, D services per the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). At DHDC, we work hard to provide the solutions that you need!

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Some of DHDC's Subsurface Utilities Engineering client include:

  • Duke Energy
  • American Electric and Power Company
  • EMH&T
  • GPD Group
  • HDR
  • Arcadis
  • E.L Robinson
  • Columbia Gas
  • AT&T

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