Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

DHDC provides geotechnical engineering services relating to building construction, bridge construction, roadway construction, dewatering designs, soil stabilization, borrow suitability, failure investigation analysis, and design of foundations, retaining structures, major tunnels, airport, railroads and among other. DHDC has two drill rigs ready to mobilize at any time to meet the clients needs.


  • D420 – Standard Guide for Investigating and Sampling Soil and Rock.
  • D653 –  Terminology Relating to Soil, Rock, and Contaminated Fluids.
  • D1586 – Penetration Test & Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils.
  • D1587 – Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils.
  • D2113 – Rock Core Drilling and Sampling of Rock.
  • D2487 –Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (USCS/ODOT).
  • D2488 –Description and Identification of Soils.
  • D4220 –Preserving and Transporting Soil Samples.<
  • D5434 –Field Logging of Soils and Rock.
  • D5783 –Use of direct Rotary Drilling with Water-Based Drilling.
  • D6032 –Test Method for Determining Rock Quality Designation (RQD).
  • D6156 – Standard Practice for Using Hollow-Stem Augers.
  • Gint Boring Logs/Auto Cad/Soil Profiles


ATV Track Rig

We are dedicated to our work

DHDC Engineering Consulting Services is prequalified in Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical laboratory, Geotechnical Exploration and Inspection by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).  At DHDC, we work hard to provide the solutions that you need!


  • Pavements (ODOT, Counties, Municipalities)
  • Structures (OFCC, Universities)
  • Bridges (ODOT, Counties, Municipalities)
  • Hospitals (Kettering Medical Center, Mount Carmel)
  • Libraries (Columbus Metropolitan)
  • Energy (AEP, Columbia Gas, MarkWest, Momentum)
  • Airports (CRAA, Zanesville, Greene & Knox County)
  • Tunnels (COC Lockbourne & Blacklick Tunnels)
  • Sewers (Erie Express,Holt Avenue)
  • COC BluePrint (Clintonville, Linden Avenue)


DHDC Bridge Drilling photo

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